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Urine Odor Gone!

The best way to remove cat and dog urine odor, human urine smell, stains, feces, and vomit accidents in your carpets, floors, walls, mattress and upholstery is with a professionally designed kit. The best product available to remove urine odors is the 1•2•3 ODOR FREE KIT™

"... fully addresses all aspects of odor and stain. This is for the house with a serious odor problem."

Catnip Magazine (Tufts University School of Verterinary Medicine)

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal


You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate urine odor and stains in carpet, upholstery, and other hard surfaces.

Kit to remove urine odor in your home

Are you tired of spending hours searching "how to" sites, home remedies, and single spray products?

For the last 17 years the best, and most respected pet urine odor removal system is the 123 Odor Free Kit!

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have used our 123 Odor Free Kit to permanently remove cat and dog urine odor from carpets.


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