About Us

Just Rite Cleaning Products, based in Lisle, Illinois, has been in the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business since 1972. We also supply custom formulated carpet cleaning products to professionals throughout the country through www.foamerscorner.com.


Our customer and peer recognition for quality, honesty, integrity, and reliability is unsurpassed in this industry.


Just Rite has a BBB rating of A+ with zero complaints in the 40 years we've been in business.

Recognizing the need by homeowners for a professional kit of this type, we have designed what we feel is unquestionably the finest pet odor, and stain removal kit available to the public. Comprised of professional type products, it is the same exact kit we've used in our own pet odor service for the past 20 years.


Cat Nip magazine (published by Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine) tested the 123 Odor Free Kit against 17 other well known pet odor removal products and our kit was their #1  choice for serious odors and stains.

The 123 Odor Free Kit contains everything you need for any type of pet accident,  and you will also have the benefit of our 40 years of professional expertise just a phone call away, for advice and assistance.

You may have wall to wall carpet, a wool oriental rug, a leather sofa, upholstery, a mattress, hardwood, tile, cement, plywood or OSB sub floors, walls, bed linens, clothing, etc., and it is always better to talk to someone who knows how to treat these items properly.

Free advice from Bill...40 year pro and easy to talk to.

Also, he will explain how to get the pet to STOP!


Call toll free 888-419-1299 and we will explain a very simple inexpensive method to treat any hard surface. Only two of the kit products are needed. DO NOT disinfect and seal. No sanding, disinfecting, or sealing is necessary.


Disinfecting and sealing is exactly WHAT NOT TO DO. You need to eliminate the urine itself. We have saved thousands of homeowners thousands of dollars with this simple odor removal procedure. 

NOTE: All Kit items can be ordered individually.




As explained on our Q&A page odors are never a problem, but stains can sometimes be permanent. However, we are experts on all types of stain removal,  with 40 years of experience. This kit is superb for stains, and you will always have a live person to talk to and give you the best advice (as evidenced by our many testimonials.) You can call us toll free seven days a week.




Have you noticed other product testimonials where the homeowner has re-ordered many times---Why? Perhaps because the pet can still smell the urine even though the homeowner can't. We get re-orders of course, but our 123 Kit is designed to help eliminate re-marking.

William Barnes, Owner