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Dear Bill,
I recently purchased 1-2-3 Odor Free on the recommendation of a friend, and I couldn't be more pleased.  I have tried so many different products on the market, and found that they would only temporarily cover the odor.  Your products have removed the odor and stains, and I have discovered that although my cat will still sniff around the old spot, she will not urinate there anymore.   I have other areas to treat, and would like to get more of your product to clean them all.  

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.   I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone who seeks to remove pet odor and stains from their carpet once and for all.

Erin Kouklani, Beaverton, OR

Dear Bill,
Just a note to verify what all your other customers have said...Just Rite 1-2-3 is the ONLY product that works.  Yellow Free is excellent on old stains--it "rescued" our security deposit on a rental. 

My husband (who has the nose of a bloodhound) confirms the cat urine odor is gone. We all thank you, including our "problem child" Zoe. 

Joan Brinley, North Bethesda, Maryland



Just a note to thank you for your wonderful product.  As anyone with a cat that has made litter box errors can attest to, they know all to well the frustration of odor/stain removal.  We watched my sons cat while he was on his honeymoon (we have two cats of our own) and due to the stress or other issues, one or several cats had urinated on the carpet.  Taking your advice of the black light and utilizing it, I was amazed at how many spots were in our spare bedroom. The smell was horrible, and I tried many over the counter products with minimal success until yours arrived.

It has eliminated the urine and odors from the carpet and sofa. Thank you for all your help and your amazing product.

Ken Mila, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Bill:  I've just re-ordered more of your wonderful product because it's the only thing I've found that truly works as it says it will.  I've spent hundreds of hours, hundreds of dollars (for almost as many different products) and was at my wit's end.  With the summer heat and humidity, and our air conditioner being out, the odor had become intolerable.  I could not have people over, and we literally were going to have to get rid of the dog.  I sat down at  the computer and in desperation typed in "Pet Stains" for the Internet's search engine.   Your web site looked the most promising: very explanatory, the prices were reasonable, and FAST shipping.  When I then phoned, you were a wonderful source of information.  I felt that I couldn't  lose, with the money back guarantee.   As you can see, not only do I not want my money back, but I am ordering more - working on all the "old spots" in the house.

I can't believe the old stains that this product is working on - and we are talking about off-white carpet.  Thank you!!!  (The dog thanks you too, because his days were truly numbered.)

Kathy Arnold, Newburgh, IN

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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products and your service.

A couple of years ago we went on vacation for a couple of weeks and had a friend come in each day and take care of our cat; apparently the cat wasn't crazy about these arrangements. When we got home the cat was happy to see us but there was a strong smell of urine in our living room. We found that she had been obviously using the carpet in this room instead of the litter box when she urinated. We tried just about every "Urine Eliminator" we could find at the local stores and nothing worked - the carpet had numerous yellow spots and you could smell the urine in just about the whole house.

The room is fairly large and we very seldom use it so the carpet was like new just a few weeks before, and now we thought we were going to have to replace it. I did a search on the internet and found several sites that had products claiming to get rid of the pet stains. While I was extremely skeptical, I was also desperate and decided to keep trying to find something that worked. Fortunately, yours was the first one I tried. When I called, you were very helpful in explaining how to use the product and also advising that even after it seemed dry that it keeps working under the carpet so I needed to be patient. It took a while, and I used several bottles of product but I was successful. The carpet looks like new again and the order is gone.

Unfortunately the cat still occasionally decides to urinate somewhere other than her litter box, but at least now I have a quick and easy way to clean it up. I always keep some on hand - that was the reason for my call this morning. I just used the last of my Odor Free and needed to order some more.

Thanks for a great product and great, quick service.

Greg Clayton, Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Bill,

I have to admit, I was really skeptical on using yet another product that promised to take away the cat urine smell. But I am so glad I decided to take the plunge and use your product.  As you know, we removed our carpet and padding due to car urine, only to find that the sub floor and dry wall had been affected also. It was the most disgusting thing I think I have ever had to deal with. I thought for sure we would be in for major construction in our home.

But I ordered your product and absolutely love it!! My husband came home and couldn't believe the difference already. The product works just like you said and I think it's wonderful that when I called, you took the time to explain how to use the products and didn't just take my order and hang up. You even said to call while I was applying the product if I had questions - how many companies do that?!

I will be calling this week to order some more stuff (we found a spot on carpet now) and can't wait to use that product as well! Thanks again and I have recommended you to all my friends with pets!

Megan Schaeffer, Royersford, PA

We have two dogs and new carpet in the family room... I saw an ad in the newspaper for 1•2•3 Odor Free ™ and I thought I'd try it. I've tried several other products to remove pet stains and odors but they never removed the yellow stain and the urine smell always returned. 

I used 1•2•3 Odor Free ™ once on the areas that the other products failed to clean, and now the stains are gone and the odor is gone! What a wonderful product.

This was a small investment to keep our large investment (new carpet) like new. I recommend 1•2•3 Odor Free ™ to anyone that has pets!

Marilyn Feldman, Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Dear Bill - first I would like to thank you for a wonderful product.

My beautiful chairs have been saved from the garbage dump. Our 8 year old cat decided to urinate on our brand new chairs while we were away on vacation. My husband thought she had urinated on the floor, but the nose knows and I kept smelling it. I was furious and knew from past experience that the smell of cat urine is virtually impossible to remove. 

I called several upholstery cleaning companies, but no one could guarantee they would get the smell out for a cost of $150+.   Distraught I logged on to the internet and typed cat urine in the search engine. Lots of things popped up, but something about Just Rite caught my eye. Perhaps it was the "natural" removal of the urine.

I called Bill and he suggested I come to pick up the product since we don't live far from Lisle, IL.  Bill spent 45 minutes with my husband, showing him how to use the product, and how it works. After 2 applications our chairs are smell free. We have even used it on a chair the cat "marked" 5 years ago and it is smell free as well.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for a fantastic product.

Hillary & Brian Wenk, Buffalo Grove, IL

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I have found the 1-2-3 Odor Free Kit to be extremely easy to use, and very effective in eliminating the stains and odors from our pet stains. 

It is also less costly than other products I have used. You will find their service to be excellent as well.

Sheri Clemmer, Sandy Spring, Maryland

Hello Bill,
I tried your odor free kit, and it works great! I was desperate to find something that would eliminate our cat urine odor from our brand new carpet. We thought for sure that we'd have to replace it. Nothing was working and some of the products we tried actually made the odor worse by mixing the urine ammonias with various fragrances.   I didn't want to just cover up the problem, I wanted to eradicate it, and the 1-2-3 ODOR FREE KIT did just that.

Thank you so much for having a product available that WORKS!  I'll be spreading the news to my friends.

Mark Rein, Buffalo, MN

You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal


Bill:  I've just re-ordered more of your wonderful product because it's the only thing I've found that truly works as it says it will.  I've spent hundreds of hours, hundreds of dollars (for almost as many different products) and was at my wit's end.  With the summer heat and humidity, and our air conditioner being out, the odor had become intolerable.  I could not have people over, and we literally were going to have to get rid of the dog.  I sat down at  the computer and in desperation typed in "Pet Stains" for the Internet's search engine.   Your web site looked the most promising: very explanatory, the prices were reasonable, and FAST shipping.  When I then phoned, you were a wonderful source of information.  I felt that I couldn't  lose, with the money back guarantee.   As you can see, not only do I not want my money back, but I am ordering more - working on all the "old spots" in the house.

I can't believe the old stains that this product is working on - and we are talking about off-white carpet.  Thank you!!!  (The dog thanks you too, because his days were truly numbered.)

Kathy Arnold, Newburgh, IN


Like everyone else I have tried everything I could think of to remove urine odor from a couple of places in my carpet where my sweet little Chihuahuas had accidents when they were puppies (and continued to frequent as adults when no one was around to open the door.)  Nothing worked.  I've even sprayed perfume on those spots. Of course, being ignorant of the process going on under my carpet......I had no idea how to fix it. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find information about Just Rite and "how," but most importantly, "why" their products worked.  I had a delightful conversation with Bill, who spent more time with me on the phone than anyone else would have even considered. 

Bottom line....I ordered the product....I used the product....the product solved my problem. It has been several weeks since application and there is no odor of any kind left.  I especially love the scent of the X-O Odor Neutralizer!   I have found myself using it all over the place for all sorts of reasons.   Pretty soon it will be time to order more, which I definitely will.   I don't ever want to be without a bottle of 1-2-3 Odor Free and X-O Odor Neutralizer on my shelf.

Thank you for your product and for making my house once again "sweet smelling."

Pat Mason, Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Bill,
I must write to tell you how very pleased I am with your products. I got your information off the Internet, and was quite hopeful after reading the testimonials. I have a multiple cat household, and sporadically have a problem with urination outside of the litter boxes. I am an extremely fussy housekeeper and could not tolerate any cat urine smells in my home, nor would I consider getting rid of any of my cats. That's where you came into the picture.  I ordered 1-2-3 Odor Free, and X-O Eliminator, and used them according to directions.

It's as if I blinked my eyes three times and the odor disappeared!  And I mean DISAPPEARED!!  I'm like a Bloodhound - down on my hands and knees with my nose to the floor sniffing!  I've tried every other product on the market, and they just don't work. I've told all my "multiple pet household" friends, and they can't wait to try your products.  They know if I "The Bloodhound" endorse your products, then they really do work.  You've definitely got a life long customer in me.

Thank you for such a great product that really works! Mary Christie, Chester, NJ 

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After trying a dozen products to remove odors from dog urine, your products showed immediate results. I was constantly cleaning my carpets but when I would walk into the house the odors were still noticeable. Now I come home to an odor free home. I just want to say thanks for making such great products, and my dog thanks you to. James Eddie Couch, Charlotte, NC

I have to tell you what a wonderful product you have!!  I have read and done just about everything possible. I too almost gave up hope when I googled "How to remove pet urine" and up popped 123.  I thought to myself,  what the heck.  I called the next day and talked to a very nice and very informative man!!!  I ordered and within two days I had the 123.  I did exactly what the instructions said, and within a day or two I could tell the difference.  This product works!!!  I now do not smell dog pee when I walk in the house!!!  I will order again when I am out of this product.  Do not be skeptical of the price--it is well worth it not to smell that smell!!!  Honestly it does work!! arbara Turner, Cabot, AR

As I was telling you on the phone, my experience with the 1.2.3 Odor Free kit has been incredible!  It's like magic.  I think I tried every product on the market, or so it seemed, to remove cat urine odor.  One of my cat "children" has an anxiety problem which results in his wetting the carpet on occasion.  I was desperate.  I had come to the conclusion that I might have to put the cat to sleep.  Since the odors are gone, the cat hasn't been attracted to those areas.  Again, this is the best odor solving product I have ever seen.   Further, the XO leaves no alternative odor behind as some products do. 

You have a true believer in me.  I will be sure to pass the name of this product to others who have the same problem.

Thanks so much!!!!  Brenda Floyd, Denton, Texas

Dear Bill, 
I just wanted to write and let you know your products have apparently cured my Mattress "cat" astrophy. As you might remember, I contacted you last month after my cat wet on the head of my king size thermal memory foam waterbed mattress. It is a very expensive bed and even if I could replace only the mattress top (which is doubtful) it would cost in excess of $1000!  I was particularly concerned about treating the memory foam because I read on line that you should never soak memory foam, and I was concerned that any chemical might make the foam deteriorate. I tried Woolite Pet Odor Remover (purchased at my local grocery store during a desperate panic after the urine was discovered,) but even after allowing it to dry completely, etc. the odor came back and I just could not stand it. I was shocked to discover that the stain seemed to have grown to gigantic proportions since my original effort to clean the mess. 

You recommended your products "123 Odor Free" and "Instant Odor Neutralizer" and talked me through the application process (twice, thank you very much.)  Fortunately I was able to unzip the soiled mattress top so that it could be elevated and wet & dried thoroughly. I allowed it to dry for 9 days! Perhaps this was excessive, but I wanted to make sure I did everything just right---I never want to wake up to that smell again.  Well, I am happy to report that we have been sleeping in our bed for 2 weeks now and the overwhelming urine smell that used to emanate from our mattress when it warmed to match our body temperatures (that's what thermal foam does) seems to be gone. I have a very sensitive nose and although I do smell a faint "cleaner-type" fragrance, I have not detected the strong urine odor. I should think it would be back by now if it were going to return.

I appreciate all your advice and the time you spent with me on the phone. I have two cats, the one that wet on my bed and a second one which has now decided to urinate & defecate near her food on the back screen porch (go figure) so I will contact you tomorrow about what to use to get rid of that smell---ugh!

Many Thanks Again,
Rebecca McMillan, Charlotte, NC

Hi Bill,
I wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service and product knowledge, but most of all I wanted to thank you for putting such a unique (in the sense that it ACTUALLY works!) and fabulous product on the market.  My two cats were getting older (they're about 11) and a few years ago for no apparent reason, started urinating on my hallway rug in the same spot.  My husband is super sensitive to smells, and the cat urine odor would drive him crazy because no matter what I tried; spot cleaning, shampooing, deodorizing, etc., the smell always came back.  I refused to get rid of my poor elderly cats, but was at my wits end of what to do just short of ripping out all the carpeting in my house!  

Well, about a year ago I was reading a parenting magazine at the doctors office, and the 123 Odor Free Kit was  mentioned by one of the readers as a great stain remover when her kids spilled grape juice on the carpet.  I have two little guys of my own who spill stuff ALL the time so I thought I would check out the product on line.  After carefully reading all the information and all the testimonials, I decided to give it a try.  I had nothing to lose except my marriage after all!   hahaha

I tried it the day it arrived at my doorstep and let me tell you, I haven't looked back since.  Not only were the stains and (hallelujah) the ODOR gone in no time, it left a nice clean scent in my house, and the cats didn't pee in that spot again.   I'm guessing even they couldn't smell the urine anymore! That's not to say they don't still have their occasional accidents, but I know when and if I need it, the 123 Odor Free can and will do the job that no other product on the market can touch!  

I just placed a new order today to replenish my depleted stock I bought last year after listening to my husband last night, say in his wonderful Bostonian accent, "Yo Tray, you gotta get the stuff, you know, the STUFF, for da rugs.  That stuff is awesome!"  So to all those tentative folks contemplating purchasing the 123 Odor Free who took the time to read my long winded testimonial, listen to me when I tell you, GET THE STUFF!

Tracey Pajala, Oxford, Massachusetts


Thank you! Thank you! 

I received the 123 Odor Removal Kit Thursday, and immediately went to work treating the carpeting around the air vent (where one of my male cats had urinated.)  WOW!  I am absolutely amazed at how quickly the odor problem was taken care of.  I will definitely recommend 123 to all my pet owning friends.

Susan Priller, Ann Arbor, MI


My husband and I just purchased our first house to flip which simply reeked of cat urine. We had run into this problem before with our own home, but all we had to do was tear out the ugly orange shag carpeting from the basement and the problem solved itself. This time was different...there wasn't any carpet, there was wood laminate. My husband was ready to rip up the flooring which was in good condition until I begged him to wait until we exhausted all other options first. I hit the Internet, read and researched, and decided your site was my best shot. Knowing we could call on any given day and speak to someone who actually knew something about the product they were selling was the key point in our decision to call Just Rite (on a Sunday morning!). We rolled the dice, the product arrived, we sprayed as Bill directed and could tell a difference immediately. The next day, it was a completely different house. No odor whatsoever. Amazing. Not many things really are, but your product is. Amazing!

Just Rite has become a permanent part of our house-flipping tool kit, and I'm telling everyone about this stuff.

Thanks for not letting me down. My husband thinks I know what I'm doing. :) Mike and Liz Flury- Columbus,OH

Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for your time on the telephone. Your true concern with caring for my area rug (the "BLT" approach)  my children, and my own knowledge of your product has made me so glad I purchased from you.  I wasn't sure what would work on an area rug, pad, hardwood floor combo and you took the time to explain it all.  Then my products came and I put them to the test. They worked just as you said they would. No more odor, no more yellow on my floor and pad, and peace of mind for me to know my young daughters are no longer exposed to such "yuck!  May you always be successful, happy and feel loved!

Beth Beals, Carpinteria, CA

Dear Bill,
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for 1-2-3 Odor Free and 1-2-3 Yellow Free!  Picture this: A home where a husband, wife and two female cats lived. The house had off-white carpet, but the cats were litter trained and they were happy, so there were no accidents. Life was good! Enter "The Pook Monster" male neutered, full-grown cat of the adult son who is entering the Army! Immediately the two female cats are very unhappy with the husband and wife for bringing the "other cat" into the home.  They express their displeasure by peeing all over the house. Not to be outdone, the male cat joins in! The wife, (me) who has always been extremely fanatical about home cleanliness begins the process of trying products that will rid the home of the yellow stains and odor.

Bill, I tried somewhere between 35 and 40 different products, from the retail ones, to the ones from the pet supply places, to products from Veterinarians, and although they helped a little, the cats still peed. I couldn't get rid of the smell, or the yellow stains. Since our house was going on the market, it appeared that our only choice was to re-carpet, (no small task since the house was about 4500 square feet.   Then I heard about your 1-2-3 Products.  The claims sounded too good to be true, just like many of the claims made by the products that I had tried before, but this time they WORKED!!!!!  Even the old stains came out! And then, wonder of wonders, the smells went away, and the cats stopped peeing in the house!  A terrific side benefit was the X-O!  I spray it in the return air vent in the house, and my house always smells so clean and fresh!  My gosh, now I sound like a commercial!! Well, I do believe in the products! They worked so well for me! We're back to NOT knowing that three cats live with us--no telltale odor, or stains!  Thanks Bill!!  Your products are great!!!!!

Yours sincerely and with our heartfelt thanks,
John and Raye Myers,
Peaches, Cloud and "The Pook Monster"!    Durant, OK

Hi Bill, 
I just want to thank you so much for inventing such a great product. When a visiting cat left us a gift on the couch, we were sure that it was as good as gone.  But now, nary three days after receiving your product we're odor free! 

I'll be calling you with another order tomorrow.  (I'm superstitious, and I think if we have some on hand, then all the cats in this house will behave.)

Lisa Crounse, San Francisco, CA

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I am absolutely amazed, and I mean amazed at how the 123 Odor Free saved my holidays.  My 90 lb.  4 year old Yellow Lab got sick during the night and when we awoke we found a living room full of diarrhea. My first reaction was to call a carpet cleaning service.  That only made matters worse.  The smell had permeated throughout the house once it got wet again.  So after searching the Internet I found Bill and 123 Odor Free.  Surprisingly, Bill answered the phone and explained how his products work and answered any questions I had.  I have to admit I was skeptical right up until we used it.  Having always had pets, I am familiar with that "lingering odor" even after trying everything.  After going through the process of the Just Rite cleaning products, we laid down the wet towels and waited until morning.  It was absolutely unbelievable.  Not only is the "orange stain" from the diarrhea completely gone, but the only lingering odor in our home is that of the products, which in and of themselves, quite pleasant. 

I am forever grateful to Bill and will continue to keep these products in my home.  Several of my neighbors have asked me to let them know if  it really works.  I had them over last night and they too were amazed.  Seeing is truly believing.  Thanks Bill.

Mick and Cathy Weckesser, Commerce Township, MI


With two cats and a dog, I have been frustrated with the cleaning products on the market which don't tackle the problems pets leave behind. 

I have been extremely pleased with the products from Just Rite in the removal of vomit and urine stains and the elimination of odors they leave behind. Until now, I have used [a competitive product] which often requires multiple applications to remove the stains but it doesn't address the odor problem. 

Thank heavens for Just Rite! 
Doreen Snyder, Darien, IL


Dear Bill,
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how happy I am with your product. I had a rental unit that had been occupied for six years by a guy with four cats. He was a good guy, and always paid on time, and was otherwise a perfect tenant, except for one thing-the horrible cat urine smell. I do not understand how a human being could live in a place with that wretched odor. When he told me he was moving out, I spend a lot of money on U - - - - Off and Z - - - Odor, thinking this would do it. The day he moved out, the first thing I did was rip out the carpet. I had to wash my eyes a couple times due to the fact that the urine smell was making them water so bad, I could not see. I put two gallons of U - - - - Off on-it;  did not help at all. Then I put on Z - - - Odor;  zero effect. I was desperate, I already had a signed lease agreement for a new tenant. You can begin to see at this point I could be in a lot of trouble. Somehow I found you on the internet, and you instructed me exactly how to apply the product on concrete. Long story short, you shipped the product, I got it right away, followed the instructions, and it worked like a charm---zero urine odor. This is the only product recommendation I have ever written in my life, good luck to you and I am recommending your product to everyone with a similar problem.

Thanks again,
Steve Dentzer, Austin, TX

Order today!  Call 888-419-1299

I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing products!  I was so afraid nothing was going to get rid of the smell from my cat peeing in the house (he's getting up there in years and is getting a little lazy) but your product completely removed the cat pee smell.  Thank you sooo much for your great products!  Also, the spotter is amazing at getting rid of  sooo many stains. 

Just wanted to say thanks!
Denise Coates, Bakersfield, CA


Am in the process of selling a relatives house. This relative had 3 cats that basically used the living room floor as a litter box for at least 15 years. The smell would definitely have you running the other way. I didn't even like to visit and when I did, I would have to either hold my breath or make a quick exit. Anyway, this relative is now in a nursing home and I am in charge of getting rid of the house. What to do? I tried Lysol, Pine-Sol, I paid for the "recipe" of peroxide mixed with baking soda, then straight peroxide, then bleach and water. The smell was still there, maybe not as intense, but it was still hiding in the floors.

I thought even when the walls were painted the smell would at least lessen, and I would smell paint, but no, the room just smelled like paint mixed with ammonia. I couldn't last long cleaning out the house as the headaches would appear from breathing in the air. I was desperate. It was then I found your website.  Thank you so much.  The only smell I seem to notice now is just a hint of lemon. Even with the amount of water the hardwood floor absorbed with everything I put on it from the beginning, the floor seems ok.

At least the next owner will only have to decide whether to resurface the floors or carpet and will have no idea how bad it really was. And everyone in my family agrees that the smell is gone as they would all take turns getting the house ready. Every time someone entered the house I would get a phone call "the smell is still here."  When I used your product and went back the next day my nostrils thanked you!


M. Hansen, Chicago, IL

Dear Bill,
Thank you for this wonderful website and product. We have a large dog who had one accident (large dog=lots of urine!), and we couldn't get the urine smell out of our living room.  It was awful.  We didn't want to have anyone over.   We tried your products, and thanks to you, we have our living room back.  We really didn't need the spot remover at first, since we have dark carpet, but the stain remover has taken out ink stains from light fabric, and been like magic.
It's nice to find a product that actually lives up to what it claims!  Thank you for being real.

Lynette Mahoney, Chicago, IL


I want to let you know what a life saver your products have been. I have a cat whose mother never taught him to use the cat box, and he urinates on the carpet. When you live in that environment, you can't smell it as much as visitors can, and when I put my house up for sale, it wouldn't sell because of the cat smell. I researched the internet for products and found yours.  Believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING else - all that you can buy in a pet store, a pet supply store, a janitorial supply store, any place that sells cleaning products, all homespun remedies (salt, vinegar, baking soda, club soda, etc.)  Nothing worked.  The biggest problem is getting down into the carpet pad without tearing up the carpet. When I was trying to sell my house, it was a given that the carpet would need to be replaced, but I couldn't even get people to keep that in mind because of the smell, and I couldn't afford to replace the carpet myself.

My daughter and I applied the products from your kit, utilizing the special plunger that got the product down into the carpet pad.  The odors were gone and we sold the house!

The problem with the cat still exists, but I neutralize the messes right away now with the products. People walk in to house and say they can't smell cat at all.

Tina Saint-Paul, Irvine, CA




I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I think your products are wonderful!  I placed my first order around Christmas -- I received only two days later -- very prompt!  Thank you!  When I used the products I was amazed at the difference it made.  Our dog is getting older and has more accidents these days -- after I used the products, there was no longer any urine smell!  My house smelled clean and fresh again!  I was amazed!  I won't hesitate to recommend your products to my friends with pets.

Thank you!

Brenda Holliday, Washington, WV


Just Rite X-O Odor Neutralizer and 1-2-3 Odor Free are the only products I have found that permanently and safely remove the odor of cat or dog urine from all types of surfaces, including fabric, hardwood floors, and wood furniture. Both products are nontoxic, and they have a mild pleasant scent. Even the odor of cat urine that has soaked into unfinished wood and dried disappears completely after treatment.

Many thanks for such Excellent products! I recommend them to anyone who needs a safe and effective solution to the toughest odor problems.

Jane Vail, Saint Louis, Missouri 

Dear Bill,
We purchased your product a few weeks ago and have been very pleased.  It is the only product we've found that actually kills the cat urine smell that we've battled for years.  We plan to sell the house this year, and your product has been a big plus for us.  My wife has tried several items and none were successful, but you've got a good product, and we hope the best for your company. 

Thanks for being so kind to answer all our questions, and for your time.

Ray Hall, Azle, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I used the 1-2-3 Odor Free Kit on my carpet and it got all the stains and odors out!
I have now had to use it two other times for "accidents" and I will never be without it!!!!  I cannot believe how well it works. 

Thanks for saving my carpet and my sanity!

Liz Barringer Smith, Grove City, Ohio


I am writing to tell you that the 1•2•3 Odor Free™ kit I purchased has eliminated the odor problem in my carpet. 

As a busy mother of two toddlers, and with the addition of three kittens this year, the kit has effectively removed odors and urine stains from my carpet. Thank you for developing such a fine product.

Olive Reichard, Lombard, IL


I just ordered your product, and it's wonderful. I have tried other pet odor removers, but they don't work as efficiently.

I used it on a chair that my cat sprayed on. I tried other odor removers, but I could never quite get rid of the smell. I tried yours, and thought that I would have to wait a week to notice results.   I noticed it immediately. Your product saved my chair.

I'm such a fan that I'm ordering more, and telling my friends about it.

Brenda Johnson, Hercules, California


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help. Your product is wonderful and your customer service is second to none.

My "teenage rebel" cat decided to stop using the litter box in retaliation for a vacation I took and I thought my carpet would be ruined. I had tried other "enzyme" fluids from the pet store, but that didn't stop her from using my carpet as her toilet.

Using your product and the helpful hints you provided me, I have learned to forgive her little indiscretions and have a clean carpet again. Thanks so much!!!

Michele Sodee, Columbus, OH

P.S. My wonderful boyfriend had self tanner on his back and sat back on my Khaki couch. Needless to say, my couch had a golden glow the next morning! I thought it would be ruined, but before I freaked out I tried the Yellow remover in your kit and VIOLA! In literally seconds it was gone! You are my hero!

get rid of cat urine smell in bedspread

Order today!  Call 888-419-1299


I just wanted to thank you for helping me get the cat urine out of my new bedspread. We went out of town and the cats got upset and decided they would get back at us by peeing on our bedspread in many places.  I was devastated as we couldn't afford to buy a new one and we have a baby on the way and didn't want our baby on this bedspread, let alone sleep under it ourselves!

It was dry clean only, and the dry cleaners said the smell would never come out.  HA!  I spoke with Bill a few times on the phone (after my first application, I had my doubts, but I hadn't done EXACTLY as Bill had told me to...my fault!) and after a few days, the smell was gone!

We have our beautiful new bedspread back (that we saved so long for!) and the smell is gone forever!  We shut our bedroom doors   when we go out of town now. :)

Jodi Harvatin, St. Louis, MO

I am ecstatic about the results of the Odor Free and Odor Eliminator that you sold me. Your careful explanation of how to mix the "homemade" solution for floor cleaning bolstered by the power of your products via spray application to the wet floor has left my laundry room, adjacent hallway and bathroom smelling new again. 

My dog being quite incontinent didn't mean to ruin the vinyl, the baseboards, internal wall fastening plates, or the carpet in the hallway either, but certainly caused me a lot of work pulling baseboards, flooring, underlayment, carpet and padding. Thanks to your products, this was truly a complete restoration project that I felt upon beginning might be a hopeless endeavor. My girlfriend (with a bloodhound nose for odor) was also skeptical in the beginning. The pressure was on me as she said she would love to move- in here if it weren't for the pet odors!!!  She is so satisfied with the results, that she is starting to pack her furniture as I write this.

Thanks for the great product, and outstanding support of same. Folks couldn't ever go wrong with your products.
Steve Frombach, Marysville, WA

This is Marianne (Mar) from Michigan writing to tell you how appreciative I am of your products and your time. we purchased a house that had been lived in ten years by three terriers. When the couple was at work, the dogs had almost free run of the house. We didn't realize how bad the smell was until after we had purchased the house. Each day we were there it got worse! (I found out later that the house had a neighborhood reputation for being smelly!) We are not pet owners and never will be so we were especially sensitive to it. Every floor surface in the house was bad; tile, wood floors and carpets. When I took your suggestion and bought the black light to see where the dogs had gone I was horrified!! 

Well, I started in the ceramic tile foyer which was one of the worst places (doorbell rings, dogs run there and pee, I guess) and was very pleased with the result. I then tackled the tile in the laundry room and kitchen floor---same good results! I am now in the process of treating the carpeting in the living room/dining room. It's going to take a while because there are so many places, but so far I am amazed at the results! So I am going to need two more bottles of the 123 Odor Eliminator, and you may as well send me a stack of your business cards because I'm telling everyone I know about this stuff! Thanks so much!

Marianne, Kalamazoo, MI

Hi Bill, 
When I read about your product I was skeptical, but desperate enough to give it a try.  Hundreds of cat "accidents," no matter how thoroughly they were cleaned up afterwards had left my beautiful wool oriental rug smelling like an alley.  My situation was slightly unusual in that all my prior cleaning attempts had made the black light virtually useless in detecting the problem areas, but you came up with a plan.

It took a few applications, but it worked!  The rug no longer smells like cat urine (I crawled on my hands and knees sniffing it as the final test!) and I am no longer hesitant to have people over when it rains.  Thank you!!
Eva Zeller, Philadelphia, PA

I talked to you a few weeks ago about some cat vomit stains that I had on my new carpet.  I had tried two carpet cleaners, dishwashing soap, and vinegar.  None of these would get the stains out, and I was afraid that I had set them.  When I used your products, (the Yellow Free, and the Odor Free) the stains came completely out!  

I am very happy with these products, and just wanted to say thanks.

Sharon Poessel, Houston Texas

get rid of diarrhea and vomit in carpet

I had to send you a testimonial regarding your wonderful cleaning products - The Pet Odor Kit. I have a 14 year old dog who became ill with diarrhea and vomiting on my new carpeting. I immediately used your Pet Odor Kit and was thrilled with the results. I wouldn't be without this kit.

I highly recommend that all pet owners own these products. 

Thank you very much,

Rosemary Rafter, Downers Grove, Illinois


I just wanted to thank you for your unbelievable products!!   I had a cat who after 8 months of living in our new house with our new carpet, decided that she would use the dining room as her litter box.  We tried EVERYTHING to get her to stop...products to remove the odor, behavioral advise, etc.  Nothing worked.  My husband was determined that we were going to have to get rid of the cat.   I hated the thought of that, but knew that she couldn't continue to destroy the house.

We removed the carpet and discovered that the concrete underneath smelled 100 times worse than the carpet.   The urine had soaked in, and we were told by several vendors that we called that they would clean it, but it couldn't be guaranteed.  They all said that the odor may return when the weather changed.  Well, we wanted to put the wood flooring back in the room, but hated to do anything until we removed the odor permanently.  I found your web site and was told that it would work on concrete.  Because the price was so reasonable, I tried it.

I have been totally amazed.  The product worked exactly as you said it would.  I did have to treat it twice because of the extent of the problem and the size of the room, but the odor is completely gone!!!  I know this because the cat has decided once again to use her litter box, and has not returned to the dining room. 

I have also used the Odor Free products in the bathroom around the toilet.   I have 3 1/2 year old twins, and although they are potty trained, they still have trouble "aiming."   Therefore, urine gets on the wallpaper and floor on a regular basis.  I have had a very hard time getting rid of the smell, but Odor free products remove the odor completely, and are very easy to use. 

Your stain removing products are just as good.  I had tea stains in my van that I have tried time after time to remove, to no avail.  Your remover for yellow stains worked the very first time.  My carpet in the van is clean for the first time in a year!!!

Needless to say, you have a customer for life.  I have also referred several friends to you because they are equally amazed with the results I have had.  Please continue to make these terrific products, and thank you to Bill for his expertise, his kindness, and the wonderful customer service I have received.  It is great to find a company who still cares about their customers, and treats them so well.

I wish you continued success!!!

Sheila Evans, Germantown, TN

Order today!  Call 888-419-1299

Dear Bill,  
I was skeptical of the claims made by your products to eliminate the pet odors from our new carpet, but with the modest price of the 1-2-3Odor Free Kit I figured I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot. 

Was I ever glad I did. It really does work, and I have already re-ordered more of the product to take care of other "pet odor problems" in our home.

Thanks so much, this sure beats buying new carpeting.

Marcia L. Ford, Colfax, WA

get rid of urine odors in wood cabinets

Dear Bill,
I just received my second round of 1-2-3. I received my first order over a year ago and having run out recently, I must write to tell you how much I depend on the product.  I have 3 cats: 2 females and 1 male.   Although I had my male neutered when I adopted him, he was so used to "spraying" that it was simply too late for him to stop.  My dear Casper has urinated in every room of my house at one time or another.  He's gone on windows (which entails the window jams/crevices), floors, doors, chairs, bed skirts, walls, cabinets, bookcases, and a 130 year old oriental rug I inherited from my grandmother.  Before your product, I tried EVERYTHING there is, from simple stuff such as gentle laundry cleaner to bleach to pet store urine cleaner to buying a steam cleaner.  And I had logged in so many hours of scrubbing that I could have scrubbed the Palace of Versailles twice over by now!  In fact, I'd gotten so used to Casper's accidents that I can smell a new problem as soon as I walk in the house. 

Nothing has ever come close to your product.   The Uric Acid Eradicator has solved all my problems and I can't believe how much money I've wasted over the years on other products!  The most important compliment I can say is that when people come into my house, they say they cannot believe I have 3 cats because my house not only has no cat smell, but actually smells pleasant!  If anyone out there is hesitant about your products, please put them in touch with me.  Please don't ever close up shop.  

Thanks again,
Victoria Clark, Springfield, PA

I must admit that while ordering your product I was a bit skeptical about it's claims. But I had tried just about everything else on the market,so I thought what have I got to lose. Well, after one use I knew I had found something that really worked on pet stains and odors. I am a repeat customer, and will be for good. 

Thanks for the great product and prompt response.

Tom Rohlf, Keller, TX

Dear Sirs,
I just recently ordered your product and just wanted to let you know that I think it is amazing.  I used it one time on hardwood floors, and no more odors.

I'm going to give your information to every pet owner that I know, so that they can get some of this amazing product.  Thanks for restoring my sanity...

Cheri Casson, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Dear sir,
I have never written to the company of a product before but because of the incredible, almost unbelievable results, I just have to tell you thank you!  I have to admit that when I was given this product to use on the wood floors of a rental house I was cleaning up, I was expecting it to fail.  I just thought the problem was so severe that nothing but removal of the wood floors was going to get the horrible odor out of this house.  I am generally a positive person but you have to realize the odor was the worst I have ever encountered...after all I even have bathed a dog in tomato juice to remove skunk smell! 

I am so grateful and amazed at the elimination of odor I have to share with you my sincere appreciation for your product.  Keep up the great work!

Marcy Coit, Aitkin, Minnesota


With two cats and a dog, I have been frustrated with the cleaning products on the market which don't tackle the problems pets leave behind. 

I have been extremely pleased with the products from Just Rite in the removal of vomit and urine stains and the elimination of odors they leave behind. Until now, I have used [a competitive product] which often requires multiple applications to remove the stains but it doesn't address the odor problem. 

Thank heavens for Just Rite! 

Pam Linfoot and Onyx (the culprit!) - Geneseo, NY




Hi Bill,

After all these years, I finally found something to work on the cat urine. I have 6 cats and 2 dogs, so it is a constant struggle, but the kit has made it a lot easier. I also used it on cat/dog vomit and it worked great.  Do you have a cleaner for use in carpet steam cleaners? If you do, please e-mail me back with instructions on how to order it. One of my dogs is rather large (125 lbs.) and lays down wherever she pleases, not always on her dog bed. Because of this, I have to spot shampoo the carpets quite frequently.

With my little indoor pet shelter, you have gained another long-term repeat customer.

Thanks again,

Carole Raikunen - Pepperell, MA


We purchased new Berber carpeting three months ago and found that one of our dogs enjoyed peeing on it. We thought it was ruined. While searching the web I found your product and purchased it. 1-2-3 Odor Free saved my carpet. It was easy to use and much less expensive than a professional cleaning service. Your personalized service is exceptional. Thank you.

Vicki Schmidt - Yucca Valley, CA


Whenever I am extremely satisfied with a product I try to take the effort to let those responsible know of my pleasure with their product. Your 1-2-3 Odor Free Kit definitely worked even better than advertised.


I had tried numerous products in an effort to remove fresh feline urine odors from our dining room. I had even tried another product from (competitor) that had active enzymes in the product. I followed the instructions from their product, but after 4 days the odor was still very strong in the room. The day your product arrived I applied it immediately as per the instructions that came with the 1-2-3 Odor Free kit. Your instructions said to place a terry cloth towel over the soiled area and wait 24 hours, but within 4 hours I could no longer detect the urine odor. I even got down on all fours and gave the soiled area the bloodhound test. To my delight I could not detect the urine odor with my nose literally buried in the carpet. I have already told my sister and a friend from church about your product and they are both going to order your product. I would ask for a commission, but I am so satisfied with your product. I know that both of the people that I referred are at the point of facing the cost of carpet replacement and will now only have to invest in the reasonable cost of your kit. My commission will be derived from the pleasure of knowing that my sister and friend will save thousands of dollars from your product. Now my sister and her family can go to Disney World with the money they have saved from not having to replace their dining room carpet!

Sincerely yours, 
Dennis Wolipka - Houston, TX


I have used 1-2-3 Odor Free products and am completely satisfied. I am completely out of the 1-2-3 Odor Free injector solution and would like to order 2 bottles. The solution has taken out all urine odors accidentally caused by my female cat. Since I have used the 1-2-3 Odor Free product, I have not had any more odor in my carpet nor problems with the cat (knock on wood). I would like to keep the bottles around the house for emergency! Thank you for this wonderful product!

Deborah Clavey - Edgewood, NM


I just wanted to write and let you know that your product WORKS GREAT!! My sister-in law moved in with us with her cat and it has been urinating all over the room she is staying in. I got a black light as you suggested and checked the whole house, but the urine was contained to her room.  So I marked the spots with post-it notes, used the kit as instructed, and sure enough the odor is now all gone! I can assure you I will be keeping a supply of this kit in my house from now on! I found it also works for spoiled milk the kids had spilled in the carpet without me realizing it.  Thank you so much for having a quality product that is inexpensive and really works!

A customer for life!

Sincerely, Shauna Bailey - Hanahan, SC

Hi Bill,
I just had to write to you and tell you how truly amazed I am with your products.  We had a very sick Greyhound in our house who just could not control her bladder, through no fault of her own.  I tried all the enzyme based products from the pet store, and I tried my homemadesolution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. All the enzyme products did was mask the odor for a few days. 

I ordered your product on Saturday after reading all your testimonials.  I was quite impressed that you put both first and last names , as well as cities and states in your testimonials.  I even thought of calling some of the people.  I received your products on Wednesday and went right to work.  All I can say is WOW.  It was very easy to use and I can already tell the difference (and today is Thursday.)  In fact, I would like your permission to post your website information on the Greyhound list that I belong to.  I think everyone would be happy to find a product that really works like it says it will.

You have a customer for life, and I will be ordering again just to have the product on hand. 

Thank you,
Diane Mews, Mentor, Ohio

Dear Bill,
Just had to give you the news. After trying all other products on the market to no avail, I found your web-site and was sure I would be using the money back feature of the products. Followed the directions, I have the black light, (makes it very easy.) The product that came with it was a bust, and the $5 recipe I didn't even want to try. I will be using the money back feature of that one.  

I can't believe my nose, NO PEE SMELL even when I crawl around on my hands and knees. I will tell everyone with animals to keep this product on hand. I will be placing another order in about a week, have another room to do and want extra to keep on hand. With 12 cats and 3 dogs this is a godsend!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not discontinue making this product. If you do, let me know in advance and I will purchase by the case!

Kathy Gray, Fort Plain, NY

You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal


You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal


You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal