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Our reputation for quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction is unsurpassed in the industry.  We know what works; and we know what doesn't work. Without hesitation we stake our reputation on this superb kit.


I just wanted to write and tell you how great your products are. Our male cat previously destroyed a sofa by urinating on it and we bought a new sofa and he had behaved for 7 years. Then we made the mistake of going on vacation and leaving a blanket covering the sofa. Apparently he didn't like it and urinated in 3 places on our nice new sectional sofa!!! I called and ordered some of your products. I couldn't believe how much time Bill spent asking me questions and giving me specific instructions on how to use the products.  It has been a few months and there is NO odor and the cat has not marked the sofa again. My sister in law is a vet, and she just asked me today about your website so that she can recommend your products to her clients. I hope you get lots of business.  Hopefully I will never need your product again, but if I do I am so happy I found you!!  


Kristy Placido, Flowerville, MI

Just talked to Bill after a year or so of having no "pee" issues. The five cats and four dogs are getting older, so we've started having problems again. Bill and 123 Odor Free came to the rescue! I've been ordering products from Bill and Just Rite for about 12 years. I offer my unconditional recommendation that if you're having problems with pet stains and odors that the Just Rite products are the only way to go.


Placing an order is so easy: no trying to navigate a call center--I don't think Bill ever leaves the place. It's like doing business with someone down the street. I've never had a problem with an order or a product. Bill provides a perfect model for how businesses ought to be run.


Thanks Bill, and thanks Just Rite!  


Lallie Hayes, Atlanta GA


I wish I could go to every vet clinic and every shelter there is and stand outside and tell them how wonderful your product is. I'm sure I could save a lot of animals from unhappy lives. It sure saved my three cats from being banished to the basement forever!!!  I have always been the person to have the cats with "issues" and never could get rid of them.  One of my cats was always a little weird, and she started going on our carpet when I brought another cat home (thinking this might help her.)  My husband and I had just moved to a new home and had spent quite a bit of money on new carpet.  When he discovered that we were having this problem with our cats he was fit to be tied!!!  They were to live downstairs, or not live at all!!!  My husband truly loves cats, but neither he or I could have any of this.  

I tried every product there was to get the smell out so our cats could come back upstairs again. I cannot tell you how much I spent on all kinds of products to get this problem solved, from odor removers to drugs for these cats.  Room monitors, and anything that looked like it might be a solution. I was desperate.  Finally, scanning the internet I  came along Bill and his product. I thought I would give someone else a try, and boy am I glad I tried "one more thing."  This product and Bill have brought peace and happiness to everyone in our home. I have my sister using it, and many of my friends also. This product not only is great on pet problems, but wonderful on every carpet stain I have encountered.  

Thank you so much for this wonderful wonderful product.  


Mary Ellen Ritchey, Fenton, MO

You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal


Hello Bill!

I just gave your contact information to a colleague, so I thought I should write and tell you what I told her: that your product is miraculous!

I used it after my beloved cat Princess (who had kidney problems) urinated on our brand new bedroom carpet. It only took one application—and nary a smell since! At the time, my husband was so angry about the smell, he wanted me to get rid of her, so I was desperate to find a solution. During my internet search, I stumbled across your website and it sounded good—almost too good to be true—but even though I was skeptical and it seemed expensive (certainly a lot more than the $10 bottles I had tried from the pet store), I decided to give it a try, invest the money, and go for it (especially considering your money-back guarantee!).

I also have to say that I was very pleased that when I called you, we probably talked for at least a half hour, and you were so helpful explaining how it works and answering all my questions—and you helped save me money too when you told me to buy the $10 black light at Wal-Mart, instead of the pricier fancier ones online. And the products are also very economical—I only had to use a small amount, so I have plenty left for any other pet urine problem we may have in the future.


Every vet in the country should have your contact info to refer their clients—because I was told by mine that it as virtually impossible to get all the smell out. But of course she is wrong—your product does!

Thanks so much for making such a huge contribution to the quality of life for the pet and home owners of the world, not to mention probably saving a lot of pets from being taken to the animal shelters!  


Linda Cox, Austin, TX


What a fabulous experience I've had since learning of your product!  I had a cat who urinated on a rug in front of my back door. The rug covered my newly re-done hardwood floors. I tried several things, but nothing would eliminate the odor.  (I have a very sensitive nose!) I was afraid to use some products on wood floors, too.

Thanks for walking me through the process and for the great products! I am so glad I found this site and this product. My hardwood floor looks AND smells great - not even a whiff of urine odor!!



Marty Reed, Hopewell, Virginia


We are amazed at how well your product works! We were at our wits end and our carpet cleaner told us they could not help us any more with the stains. We raised a litter of puppies....need we say more. Your product is FANTASTIC!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 


Jack and Margo Mack, Cape Cod, MA

Hey Bill-

I ordered the 123 set from you a few months back to use for puppy mistakes when we were house breaking our new Italian Mastiff puppy and I'm so glad I listened to a friend as she raved about how well your product works. People can't even tell we've got a dog in the house (a big one at that) because you just can't smell her or her past mistakes! I spray the Odor Free on her bedding every once in a while to freshen it up, and I've also learned that your set works great for bed wetters. It even took out the old stains from when my 4 year old was a brand new baby with leaky diapers!  You've got yourself a very happy customer who will be re-ordering and spreading the good word!

*A tip you may share with customers who have a hard time actually locating the trouble spot - I use a small black light in the dark to show me where the urine is...it glows bright with the black light and makes it very easy to locate the spot(s) that need to be treated. It also makes it easy to find old spots that have been treated to do "sniff tests" to see if it needs another treatment. (By the way, I've never had to treat any spots twice with your product - once was always enough.)


Jessica Sandoval in Riverside, CA


Thank you for the great product. We have a lovely couch that had become a victim of male dog marking. We couldn't correct the problem, because we could never completely eliminate the scent. I spent hundreds of dollars trying every product at the big box pet retailers, carpet retailers and a couple others I found on-line. Nothing worked. We ended up putting the couch in the garage and making plans to have it stripped and recovered.

Luckily I found your website. The kit eliminated the stain and the scent from our couch. It was amazing pulling up the white towel and seeing the stain transfer to the towel from the couch. The couch has returned to the living room!  Thank you for producing an excellent product and providing careful instructions to enable a successful outcome. 


Thank you, 

Laura B. College Station, TX

Hi Bill,

My 12 year old cat had urinated on my very expensive pillow-top king size mattress. When I found it (to my surprise and dismay) it was already dried and set in. He must've done it months ago. I surfed the Internet for days. As you can imagine I found many products that stated, "This will work!" and "The odor was gone!" The only reason I didn't order any of those products was because I had already tried a [competitor product] with absolutely no success. I even tried vinegar/baking soda remedy with no success. I knew I had to get into the mattress and somehow "pull" the urine out. I was ready to throw my mattress away. Then I found your website. Instantly I got a feeling that I needed to try it. Your explanation of how your product works made so much sense to me. I called you immediately. You were not there so I left a message. You called me back 30 minutes later. I was so desperate and you made me feel so much better. Your words were, "It will work...I promise." You told me exactly what to order and how to use it. You even said that when I received the product and was ready to treat my mattress that I could call you if I needed you to walk me through it. I write to you now a happy woman. I treated the spot a week ago today and the odor is completely gone. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! My only issue with your product is that I didn't get it fast enough!! 


Mary Cielock Liverpool, NY

Dear Sir,
I chose to have 2 male cats share my residence. Upon arrival of the third, he chose us, and I could not turn him away. However, he was un-neutered (which is being rectified shortly.) In a matter of a few weeks, this cat marked his territory in every room of my house! He caused more problems in that week than my two cats caused in a year. I am an interior decorator and have prospective clients come to my house, which I use as a showcase.  You can imagine my horror when each time I walked into my house, I smelled "cat!"  I tried not one or two odor removing products, but almost every single product on the shelves of pet and department stores. Nothing took the odor away as promised.

In desperation I searched for information on the internet to help me eliminate the odor problem. I came across your website and ordered your product.

It arrived on a Friday, and by Saturday you would not even know that we have a cat, let alone three! This product does everything it claimed to do.   The odor and the stain were completely gone!!!

I was skeptical at first because of the results of other products. Your product was the only one that actually worked as claimed! I was so thrilled with the results I had to let you know! 


Karen Lewis, Jacksonville, NC

Your product works. Simple as that. NOTHING but the products included in the 1-2-3 Odor Free Kit have ever made a dent in the urine odor problem I have in various areas of my home.  We own a very large, very old mixed breed dog that has slowly become incontinent over the past year.  I have tried absolutely everything on the market, including three name brand enzymatic cleaners, and even Pine-Sol!  Your helpfulness and knowledge are top rate, and I recommend your products to everyone I know.  Please keep up the good work.

My house no longer smells like a dog kennel!  


Amy Holston, Albuquerque, NM  (a VERY grateful pet owner)

You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal



Being a long time pet owner, dog trainer and bird rescue, I was beginning to think that there wasn't a product out there that truly took away pet stains and odors. I was wrong!!!!

I used your product last night for the first time. Followed the simple directions and went to bed. When I got up this morning I was Absolutely astonished.!!! The yellow stains are GONE, the smell is 90% gone! I have no doubt that after one more treatment tonight my carpet will be 100% back to normal and my house will no longer have that "pet smell" from the scent marking my cocker spaniel is doing!

HURRAY!!!!! I will never again waste hundreds of dollars on pet store cleaners that simply do not work! You and your product have convinced me that there is only one good product that truly works, and it's 1-2-3 Odor Free!!!

I am thrilled to see that I can order by the gallons too. I know I will need it with the gang here. This stuff took out stains from the bird feces that I thought had stained my carpets forever. One spray of the cleaners and POOF! the stains are gone!

If you are someone thinking about ordering this product but simply aren't sure if it's for real, or if it works, TRUST ME IT IS AND IT DOES! This is the best kept secret in town for anyone with pets! However, once you use it I guarantee you will tell everyone you know about it! I know I am!!!! Bill, if you were closer I'd kiss ya!!!!


Melissa Burkhardt, Pittsburgh, PA

I just needed to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how great your product is! I have tried all of the "enzyme based" products sold at the pet stores and THEY DO NOT WORK! Your product is the only one that cut through the smell to leave nothing. The true test is how the room smells when it has been closed up in 90 degree weather. It smells just fine! Thank you for your great 1-2-3 Odor Free product and the only thing I can say is to market this to pet stores so they carry something that actually works! Thanks! 


Mara Malinowski - Lake Forrest, CA

I recently purchased a beautiful 32 foot Travel Trailer, a bank repo and the deal of a lifetime. Ah yes, but there was one catch (there always is when you get "the deal of a lifetime") and it was nearly a deal breaker. The previous owners had a cat and there was no denying it, that cat had urinated on the rug inside the travel trailer. Needless to say in such a confined space the trailer wreaked of cat urine. Before I signed on the dotted line I began searching for a solution to combat the problem and came across your website. Having a chemistry background I had a good understanding of what 123 Odor Free did and how it worked. I began reading the testimonials and became convinced this was the solution. I went ahead and bought the travel trailer and then I called Bill to order the 123 Odor Free. Bill took the time to ask me about my particular problem and explain how the product works, the steps involved and he answered all my questions. With confidence I ordered 123 Odor Free and brought home that stinky travel trailer.

The trailer was in my yard for a week or so before I actually received the 123 Odor Free and I kid you not, the smell was so bad from inside the trailer it attracted other cats in the neighborhood and they started urinating near the trailer...now we couldn't get away from the smell of cat urine. I was beside myself; fortunately mother nature took care of the outdoor urine odor! I followed Bill's instructions and I can tell with no uncertainty 123 Odor free works. The urine smell was gone immediately and so are the cats coming into our yard to leave their scent. Our camper looks and now smells like brand new and to think I almost past up the deal of a lifetime due to the smell of cat urine.  Thank you. 


Jeff Luby, Chemical Engineer, Epping, NH

I just wanted to write and tell you that I used the Odor Free kit and it is WONDERFUL!  I had several areas on my carpeting that were stained due to my dogs. I had shampooed the carpet several times and used all kinds of spotters and odor removers just to have the stains remain, and the odors come back. When I used your kit, I was hoping to remove the odors from my carpet, at the most. I was so pleased when not only did the odor come out, but the old stains as well, and the carpet looks great!  

Thanks for a wonderful product that really does what you claim. 


Your friend in Port Allegany PA Joann Crants

You need the #1 best selling product to eliminate pet odor and stains in carpet,  and other hard surfaces.

The #1 Top Quality Professionally Designed Kit for Urine Odor & Stain Removal



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